Brand Creator

Welcome to my world.

I love skills and I enjoy teaching. I started with photography and videography then learned how I can create and market online courses.

I love the word BRAND it’s the voice and look and the feeling clients get when they hear or see a brand element.

My Love for Moments

I grew up feeling that there are moments we need to keep with us forever. Moments of transformation and change. I loved seeing pictures of myself and my sisters as babies! “It’s me! A moment I’m not able to remember and here I can see this memory vividly” From that day I fell in love with capturing moments.

My Craft

I approach photography as a craft that I aspire to reach excellence with the tools I have. No limits to what you can do when you are passionate about learning. The more skills you have the more your ideas seem creative to others. You can enhance your creativity to new levels when your technical skills are sharp.

Street Photography

My Favorite Books

Le Tribe Media

Coach Sonia

You have a choice…

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