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How to Win Friends and Influence People

This book literally changed my life. Not only the way I speak to people, but the way I think of people, of what they say, and how they feel. I always knew of these little tricks and tips that are based on facts, but this book helped organize them all and place them in their proper slot so I can now utilize these new tools whenever I'm in a social environment.

This book isn't necessary for winning friends and influencing people, but I can see how it can greatly help. Just make sure that you put your new tools to work and exercise them as stated!

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Who should read this book:

People at the beginning of their career bombarded with advice like "Just follow your passion and everything will fall into place" or people unhappy with their career and wondering why and what to do next.

What you will learn from this book:

Why people are happy at work and why some people aren't (backed by science and a lot of anecdotes)

Why Newport thinks that "Follow your passion" is bad advice and what you should do instead (Grow your "career capital", go after more control, find a "work mission, etc.)

How Newport and people he met to write this book applied all of this to their career.

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