From Buraydah to Montreal

Started in Buraydah

It all started when I saw Mcgill University flag in my cousin’s husband’s office. I was 16, in grade 10 and I told myself I want to have one of these flags! I started researching what it takes to get a scholarship to study abroad. I come from a family that can’t afford sending me to study at Mcgill University. So I research a way and I found a scholarship program!

I did whatever I needed to do to score higher than the requirements and apply for the scholarship. I needed 85% total score and I scored 96% I didn’t want to risk my chance.

Getting the Scholarship

I remember the day I got the response! I was super excited! I didn't speak English and I needed to Improve the basics I learned in school. So I can communicate and learn about where I was going. I spent my spare time watching movies with subtitles and listening to Ted Talks and comedy shows.

Learning about Canada and McGill

I started looking into where McGill University is located! I couldn't understand the idea of French province in Canada. I looked it up, I had no idea where Canada is! I remember one day I was on the phone with my mom and she thought that Canada is located in Europe!

Coming To Montreal 2011

Now as i was doing my discovery time of where I will be studying I realized that Montreal is not really the best place to learn English! Since it is located in a Francophone province I needed to put more effort into learning and practising my English language skills. I signed up for everything available for me at McGill continuing education. That helped me a lot and most importantly I spaced myself from any Arabic speaking students and lived with a Canadian family. I learned so much from them and they helped me learn the language and the culture.

I focused on studying more than anything so I gained so much weight! I was around 230!

Learning English

In Order to get the highest chances of getting accepted in McGill I had to be able to speak English fluently. I Studied McGill's English Intensive program and Finished it as will as Concordia University program and the YMCA. I become one of the best in my classes and loved it and I was ready to apply for McGill Undergraduate programs!

University Life

What I wasn't ready for and more!

This is a new chapter of my life! I came to Canada as one of the top students in my class and my province. In fact I scored first in the provincial physics exam. I came with big dreams and my first year at McGill crushed me!

I realized that everyone in my class has the same story! They were the top of their class! So now the competition is much bigger! I got excited and I was like “wow this is a new level” A new language and a completely different league!

It was challenging, like very challenging actually. I felt isolated because of the competition nature of first year. Second year it got better. I made some friends and we started studying together.

— Getting accepted

I got accepted in two programs

— Programs

Bachelor in science Nursing

Bachelor of Electrical Engineering

— Starting date

Fall 2012

I applied for Science, Electric Engineering and Nursing and I got accepted in Electric Engineering and Nursing. I received the acceptance letter and I didn’t know what to do with myself! I was super excited and proud of myself!

I decided to get into Nursing because my goal was Medical school so the best option for me would be to get into Nursing because it already in the medical system. I will be familiar with how the work environment is going to be.